Boulder Marshall Wildfire Cost Now reaches $2 Billion

Previous estimate was $500 million.

Marshall fire losses now expected to exceed $2 billion — making it the 10th costliest wildfire in U.S. history

Initial estimates following Dec. 30 wildfire had pegged overall losses at $500 million

Denver Post 10/27/2022

Boulder Sheriff still has not released its report on the cause of the fire. Class action lawsuit filed by Denver Injury Law, LLC (Denver) and Schack Law Group (San Diego) against Xcel Energy continues in Boulder District Court under lead attorney for Plaintiffs (fire victims), Denver trial lawyer James Avery.

Case Number: 2022CV30195 Division: 2

If you were a victim of the fire (evacuated, or burned) and want to be included as a claimant in the lawsuit, regardless of insurance coverage issues, please contact Denver Injury Law, LLC and Schack Law Group.

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