Marshall Fire Facilitated Learning Analysis Release

Contact: Caley Pruitt, Public Information Officer, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, LeClair, Communications & Outreach Specialist, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control,

October 25, 2022-  A Facilitated Learning Analysis (FLA) was requested by Mountain View Fire Department, Louisville Fire Department, Boulder County and led by the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) to review the Marshall Fire which occurred on December 30, 2021, in Boulder County. The FLA was requested to gain a deeper understanding of what occurred during the Marshall Fire response. The report is intended to be an educational and training tool for first responders. The report will help those who were directly involved in the incident learn and understand what occurred during response efforts, and provide the ability to share that information with others moving forward.

Click here to access the web-version of the Marshal Fire Facilitated Learning Analysis

The FLA team focused on specific stories and lessons learned related to the following:weather/atmospheric conditions that contributed to the incident; observed fire behavior; agency participation and coordination; communication interoperability among responding resources; evacuations; and the mobilization of resources.Click here to review FLA- FAQ’s.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a separate investigation into the cause and determination of the fire. As of the date of this Analysis, the Sheriff’s determination has not been released.  Click here to access the Boulder County Recovery Efforts website.


This analysis does not provide any new or additional data to Denver Injury Law LLC’s investigation and is based on the limited perspective of a few first responders with the fire department. As such, it is not scientifically based. It is merely an anecdotal report. It does not address the cause of the fire or establish its origin. It does not include a comprehensive review of all 911 reports, or after-acquired reports or investigations. There is no mention of forensic evaluations of any kind, such as origin analysis. There is no mention of multiple 911 reports of arcing power lines, the ignition of piles of wood chips on Xcel Energy property outside of Superior or its impact (although a fire storm in the area and flying burning embers are reported), no mention of the origin, only the actions and observations of a few fire department personnel who responded to the scene and quickly became engulfed in the fire and response to it. The analysis specifically disclaims further analysis beyond the observations of the initial responders who provided their observations. As a limited ‘observation based’ analysis, it is incomplete. The flow analysis is likewise based on limited data, and lack of inclusion of the multiple points of origin determined by forensic evaluation.

A comprehensive evaluation of this report will require an examination of all underlying data and drafts.

If you have been injured in the Boulder Marshall Fire and wish to join the Class Action lawsuit, contact Denver Injury Law, LLC and Schack Law Group. There is a general two year statute of limitations applicable to most claims.

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