Avery Law Firm principal James Avery has over 35 years experience in mass torts, including federal Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) and several landmark cases.  He has participated as lead counsel in MDL’s and also numerous state mass tort cases.

Early in his career, Avery represented a group of investors in the matter of In RE: Western Monetary Consultants MDL, which was one of the first cases in the country to apply civil RICO (racketeering) statutes to a precious metal dealer who defrauded investors.  In that matter, Avery obtained a $13 million judgment in the US District Court against the founder (William R. Kennedy, Jr.) of Western Monetary Consultants on behalf of his group of clients using RICO law as a basis for the claims.

Avery handled the claims of dozens of infants who were subjected to unnecessary skull surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado by its Chief of Neurosurgery, William McCleary MD., ultimately debunking a false ‘epidemic’ of craniosynostosis in a case that was reported four times on the front page of the Denver Post, the Wall Street Journal and ABC’s 20/20.  It was determined that approx. 600 children were operated on under the false diagnosis.  The result was the reorganization of Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the oversight of University of Colorado physicians in all departments.

Recently, Avery handled the claims of hundreds of patients who were exposed (approx 2,000 total patients) to HIV by an infected surgical technician with a Fentanyl addiction working at Healthcare Corp. of America’s (HCA) Swedish Medical Center (Englewood, CO).  HCA Human Resources contracted with an employee screening company called PreCheck, Inc.

James Avery is one of only a handful of personal injury lawyers nationwide with this depth of experience (as lead trial lawyer) in mass tort or MDL cases.  If you have been injured in a circumstance that might be considered a mass tort, contact James Avery at 303-840-2222 or complete the contact form below.

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