Professional Liability and Malpractice

Negligence cases against licensed professionals (lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, accountants, engineers, etc.) are specialized cases that require compliance with specialized pleading and practice standards.  In other words, the bar is higher to prove negligence against licensed professionals, and the stakes are often higher since someone’s ability to engage in their chosen profession is at stake.  Some basic legal principles apply, for example, general negligence statutes of limitations govern the time limits for filing certain cases, but in others a complex statute of repose might govern .  Some very complex statutory laws govern, such as the Colorado Health Care Availability Act concerning claims against health care professionals.  Valuation of cases is different, even if the injury is the same as might be suffered in an auto accident.  Likelihood of success is lower since the burdens of proof are essentially elevated by the standards of proof being based on professional standards rather than ordinary negligence.  Standards of conduct vary by profession, and are not always easily ascertainable.  Cases generally require proof of breach of a standard of care by way of testimony from other licensed professionals. Strict criteria govern the admissibility of expert testimony.  Rarely can such cases be prosecuted successfully without an experienced attorney.

Avery Law Firm principal James W. Avery** has over 35 years experience* handling Professional Liability and Malpractice litigation, and has recovered millions of dollars for his clients against big commercial insurance companies like COPIC, Traverlers, Wausau, and AIG, to name a few.  Avery is experienced in regard to violation of professional standards, such as the duties of a lawyer to client, or physician to patient.  James Avery has experience with both sides of the aisle, having represented professionals in the early days of his career.*

*Since 1989, James Avery has limited his practice to representing victims of professional misconduct or neglect.

**awarded America’s Top 100 Lifetime Achievement Award, Top 100 High-Stakes Litigators, Superlawyer

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