James Avery is a noted trial and appellate lawyer.

James Avery, a celebrated trial and appellate lawyer with over 40 years experience, is the lead lawyer in 5 cases filed and pending in various jurisdictions (Boulder-2, Arapahoe-2, Douglas-1) under the provisions of the newly enacted Child Sex Abuse Accountability Act (SB21-88).

The newly enacted Child Sex Abuse Accountability Act has resulted in Court case filings in multiple jurisdictions, including Boulder, Arapahoe, Douglas and Denver. James Avery, lead trial lawyer at DENVER INJURY LAW, LLC is leading the defense of the Act in several cases where the constitutionality of the Act is being challenged. To date, the Boulder, Douglas, and Arapahoe District Courts have upheld the case filing under the Act, with a lone Arapahoe District Judge holding the act unconstitutional. One case is now in the Court of Appeals, Saupe v Aurora Public Schools. Follow this Blog for updates.



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