Verdicts, Judgments and Settlements:

  • Patient claiming $9 million damages prevailed in Colorado Court of Appeals and established new law in Colorado that Dead Man’s Statute has no applicability where insurance covers any judgment.  Clark v. Brookoff, 2014CA1131 (4-7-16).
  • $1 Million insurance Bad Faith Settlement by property owner against Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and Great Northern Insurance Company.  Property owner suffered water penetration during 2013 Colorado floods, which developed into mold inside the dwelling.  Parties could not agree on damages, and Chubb demanded appraisal under the policy, which contained a $10,000 mold limitation.  Property owner sued for bad faith in U.S. District Court., 2016
  • $1.25 Million Arapahoe County jury verdict in favor of auto accident victim who suffered soft tissue injuries including post-traumatic concussion induced headaches (MTBI-mild traumatic brain injury).  This is the largest award ever in Colorado for post-concussion headache syndrome. Former client of Franklin D. Azar & Associates, who was offered $75,000 before trial and changed lawyers.
  • $1.6 million Denver county jury verdict in favor of 14 year old who suffered heat stroke in youth basketball league game operated by Gold Crown Foundation, Inc.
  • $12 million Bankruptcy court judgment in favor of investors of Western Monetary Consultants related to precious metals ponzi scheme in the first successful Colorado civil RICCO action.
  • $1 Million policy limits settlement in favor of patient who suffered severed spinal cord during surgery to remove tumor.
  • $1.4 Million Jefferson County jury verdict in favor of USAF pilot who suffered mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) in Colorado’s first ever “road rage” case.
  • $1.2 Million insurance bad faith settlement in favor of truck driver who suffered Permanent Total Disability (PTD) and whose benefits were denied by Insurer due to presence of marijuana at accident scene.
  • Largest ever” (according to Mediator) confidential settlement against local children’s hospital in favor of patient who suffered anoxic brain injury during surgery.
  • $450,000 Harris County (TX) jury verdict in legal malpractice case against famous “Texas Tobacco Lawyer” John Eddie Williams in favor of former client and plane crash survivor with mild traumatic brain injury.  Co-counseled with famed Texas lawyer Richard “Racehorse” Haynes.
  • $750,000 insurance bad faith settlement in favor of Underinsured auto owner whose benefits were denied.
  • Settlement of legal malpractice case against Sawaya Law Firm in favor of former client and pilot who survived plane crash.
  • $250,000 Jefferson County jury verdict in favor of patient of ER physician at Lutheran Medical Center (defended by Peter Pryor).
  • $850,000 settlement in favor of Estate of ER patient in Southern Colorado who died following failure to diagnose aortic dissection.
  • Numerous confidential settlements against insurers, health care professionals and hospitals.
  • Responsible for forced reorganization of Children’s Hospital Colorado and departure of Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery following the dozens of lawsuits on behalf of infants who underwent unnecessary skull surgery related to false “craniosynostosis epidemic“.

Results are examples of recoveries and not guarantees of results in future cases.  All cases must be evaluated on individual merits.