Helping Others


Jim Avery offers Pro Bono services and has donated thousands of hours of time, and paid expenses, to inmates and children’s hospital patients.  He is a frequent guest on news programs as an authority and lawyer handling Patient Rights actions.

Jim Avery has organized and lead numerous humanitarian aid missions to Africa, bringing needed relief to war torn areas of South Sudan following famine and burning of villages by Arab marauders.  Avery is responsible for the establishment of 50 bush schools in Twic county, a border area of South Sudan where hundreds of children went without schooling for about a decade as a result of the war.  Contemporaneous with the school initiative, Avery brought seed for farmers to re-establish crops that were burned by the marauders, and supplies to build medical clinics, churches and schools.

Locally, Jim Avery has been involved in the Rights of Passage program in Denver for disadvantaged youth growing up without fathers.  Jim has lead fishing and camping trips with young men who have never had the chance to experience male leadership or Colorado’s great outdoors.

Jim Avery has supported GOAL and WAR CHILD, non-governmental humanitarian aid organizations based in the United Kingdom, that focus on rapid relief to children in war affected areas around the world.  War Child

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